Geometry Generation for Turbine Blades

For several years my research group, headed by Prof. G. S. Dulikravich, has been heavily involved in the design and optimization of gas turbines blades. I developed a code for the automatic generation of turbine airfoil shapes based on 10 design parameters. This code was intended to provide a parameterization with a low number of design variables, a wide range in shapes, and robustness. Such features are very important when genetic algorithms are applied to shape optimization problems. A graphical depiction of the  parameterization is show is below. 

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One unique feature of this parameterization is that it is formulated in terms of quantities known by airfoil designers, such as exit/inlet flow angle and throat distance. This makes it easier for an experienced turbine designer to set meaningful limits on the variables and restrict the optimization code's search area to promising regions. 

Interactive Generation of 3-D Turbine Blades with Coolant Passages

I also developed a Windows95 program for the interactive generation of turbine airfoils and turbine blades based on my turbine airfoil parameterization code. Some screen shots are shown below.

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Interactive generation of turbine airfoil sections with coolant passages

Viewing the resulting 3D blade with coolant passages

If the user is satisfied with the blade geometry, the code produces a high quality triangular surface mesh for the geometry and saves it to a file. From this file a 3D volume tetrahedral mesh is created with a commercial grid generator and the configuration is run with our transonic finite volume NSE CFD code.

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